Remote Access

First consider what type of remote access you want. If you just want access to files please select cloud/webdav option. If you need accesss to BlueBeam, AutoCad products and other specialised software simply follow the instructions below

Remote Desktop

Install VPN

  1. First install the vpn client onto whatever computer you are using
  2. You will need to download the latest client for your operating system
  3. Install it, it will need local administrator privialages to install
  4. While installing just click next, next as all the defaults are correct for our use
  5. On completion open forticlient and select "Remote Access" then "Configure VPN"
  6.  Connection Name: Work 
    Discription: Work from Home
    Remote Gateway:
    Customize Port: Y 10443
    Prompt on Login: Y || Do not Warn Invalid Server Certificate: Y
  7. Click Save

Login to VPN

  1. Start VPN
  2. Select Remote Access if not default, then enter your username and password
    Name: Geoffrey Alpine
    Username: alpine
    Password: yourWorkPassword
  3. Connect
  4. Once connected go to the Start menu and type or find "Remote Desktop Connection"
  5. Type your computer name:
    As per example above
    Computer Name: AlpineG
    Computer Name: aplineg
  6. Type in your LastName and password as below:
    Username: bornhorstward\alpine
    Password: yourWorkPassword

Trouble Shooting